About the Crystal Fairy

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 It has been an honor and a privilege connecting with many beautiful souls over the past 17 years as an Empath Intuitive. All items are one of a kind, handpicked by me and are cleansed during the new moon / full moon, charged with love and light. Crystals provide a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in your lives, activating your path to achieve your highest and best self.

Since the early 90s I've always carried a bag of crystals in my purse sharing with those I felt needed a pick me up, kind of like a crystal fairy! I do it now more than ever, wanting more people to benefit from the power of Crystal healing. I believe crystals can activate our potential and help manifest parts of higher self to achieve wellness and wholeness. I started making jewelry so people could have it on them all the time, wearing it close to the appropriate Chakra for maximum benefit. My life has benefited greatly from wearing my crystals every day and I want to share it with everyone!

I spend many hours carefully choosing high quality, beautiful and high vibrating pieces for my shop because you deserve nothing but goodness :)

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❤ All orders come with instructions on how to cleanse and charge your crystals.